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With CEREC Dentistry Dental Crowns Are Prepared and Installed in One Day

Need to repair your damaged tooth, but there is no time for a long wait? Your dream can become a reality. Thanks to CEREC technology, dentists can prepare and install dental crowns in just one appointment. In Riverside, California, Neal Edwards DDS uses this technology to manufacture same-day dental crowns. You walk into our dental office with a damaged smile and leave with a brand-new, healthy smile. 

What to expect from the CEREC dental crowns treatment

Patients needing traditional crowns must commit to at least two dental appointments. During the initial appointment, the dentist numbs your mouth, shaves down your enamel, and takes your bite impressions. The oral impressions are sent to an offsite dental lab, which takes weeks because of back-and-forth correspondence. During the waiting period, patients wear temporary crowns, known to pop out loose. When your dental crown is ready, you will book another appointment with your dentist for installation.

When getting same-day dental crowns, preparation, fabrication, and installation are done in one day. After a digital scan of your mouth, we feed the images into the Computer Assisted Design (CAD) unit to design your crown. This procedure is done on a chairside screen, meaning you can give feedback on the design of your crown.

Once your crown design is approved, the design is sent to an in-house milling machine. The machine carves out the dental crown from a pre-selected ceramic block. This process takes as little as 15 minutes, whereas it would take 14 days in a traditional lab. After milling your dental crown, we bond it permanently to your tooth using dental cement.

Benefits of single-visit dental crowns

Patients, especially those hard-pressed for time, smile ear-to-ear when they learn about same-day dental crowns. The fact that teeth can be restored in one appointment is sweet music to the ears. However, convenience is hardly the only benefit of single-visit crowns. Other benefits include:

  • No need for temporary crowns
  • You only need one anesthesia shot
  • No messy dental impressions
  • CEREC technology results in highly precise restorations

If you want to restore your teeth without the wait, CEREC dental crowns are the way to go. Please dial (951) 614-0033 to book an appointment in Riverside, CA, with Dr. Neal Edwards.

Neal Edwards DDS, FICOI

Neal Edwards DDS, FICOI

Neal Edwards, DDS, FICOI, studied Biology at La Sierra University and earned his dental degree from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, where he also followed a mini-residency. He is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Dr. Edwards takes hundreds of continuing education units a year and completed his ICOI Fellowship recently. He is a Team Dentist for the Ontario Reign hockey team - LA Kings’ AHL affiliate.

He loves meeting people and helping them achieve their dental goals.

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