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Clear Aligner Treatment, Comfortable Orthodontics to Restore Healthy Bite and Teeth Alignment

You have a “healthy bite” if your upper and lower teeth make contact with each other when you close your mouth. However, many people aren’t this lucky. Often, at Neal Edwards DDS in Riverside, California, we see patients with significantly overlapping upper teeth or lower teeth that jut out. 

Before the mid-1990s, traditional braces were the only option to correct your misaligned bite. However, advancements in orthodontics have led to the invention of clear teeth straighteners that use clear, removable plastic trays to move your teeth into the desired position. 

What to expect from clear aligner therapy

Traditional braces straighten your smile by applying constant pressure on the teeth over time. Clear aligners use the same principle but use minimally visible trays instead of metal wires and brackets. So, when straightening your teeth with clear braces, other people won’t notice it unless you tell them. Adults and teens alike fall in love with clear braces because of their invisibility and comfort. 

Patients who want to benefit from clear braces could book an appointment with Dr. Neal Edwards for consultation. During the initial appointment, we evaluate your bite and overall health to determine whether clear aligner therapy would suit you. 

Next, we take impressions of your bite using a digital scanner. We then simulate your treatment to see how and when each tooth moves into proper alignment. Using your mouth models, our lab technicians fabricate 20-30 trays to straighten your smile. Each set is worn for about two weeks before moving to the next. This process continues until you achieve a healthy bite. 

Benefits of clear aligners

Minimally visible braces fix numerous issues, including bite problems and gapped and crooked teeth. Clear aligner therapy isn’t just practical but offers numerous benefits, like:

  • The treatment is nearly invisible
  • It doesn’t affect your oral care hygiene
  • Fewer dental appointments
  • Faster treatment if worn for 20-22 hours daily
  • Clear teeth aligners are comfortable on your cheeks and gums
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Treatment is ideal for patients allergic to metal

Not happy with the alignment of your smile in Riverside, CA? Call (951) 614-0033 to book an appointment with Neal Edwards DDS to establish whether clear aligner therapy is the best way to straighten your teeth.

Neal Edwards DDS, FICOI

Neal Edwards DDS, FICOI

Neal Edwards, DDS, FICOI, studied Biology at La Sierra University and earned his dental degree from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, where he also followed a mini-residency. He is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Dr. Edwards takes hundreds of continuing education units a year and completed his ICOI Fellowship recently. He is a Team Dentist for the Ontario Reign hockey team - LA Kings’ AHL affiliate.

He loves meeting people and helping them achieve their dental goals.

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